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Melaleuca Access Bar Helps Break Record

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Swimming in Record Breaking Girl Power
HeadlineNewswire 2006

Australian marathon swimmer Tammy Van Wisse shattered an 81-year-old record by swimming from New York to New Jersey in just five hours. The self-propelled waterway wonder made history in 2006 when she beat the original record time of seven hours set by her childhood hero, swimmer Gertrude Ederle in 1926. “Back in the 1920s, Gertrude showed women that ‘girl power’ really was alive and welI. It was a great privilege for me to follow in her footsteps and try to break her record,” says Tammy.

Tammy trained for six months, swimming 10–12 miles six days a week for the 22-mile New York to New Jersey swim. She says, “That helped me improve a little more and built a solid foundation enabling me to reach my goal.”

She also ate a steady stream of Access Bars during training and on race day. “The Access Bar is amazing and it helps me so much in swimming my marathons and in my training.
Tammy started eating Access Bars 14 years ago after seeing an Australian television program featuring Access Bar inventor and world renowned scientist, Dr. Larry Wang at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Dr. Wang shipped Tammy containers of Access Bars until Melaleuca opened in Australia in 2001.

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company is a 22-year old Idaho based company built on the axiom: exceptional products at reasonable prices. It produces wellness-oriented products for your home and your health, including the Access Bar. “The Access Bar is the most awesome product I have ever used in my entire life,” says Tammy.

The Access Bar is designed to turn fat into fuel and Tammy says she noticed a difference in her performance right away when she started eating the bars. She doesn’t experience highs and lows while swimming, just a steady stream of energy. She averaged 4.3 miles an hour during the New York to New Jersey swim.

She also notices no fatigue after a swim when she eats Access Bars. “Sometimes I feel like I can jump back in the water and keep going,” says Tammy.

During her record-breaking New York to New Jersey swim, she shared the water with huge ships causing her to swim through capsizing waves. She also saw a lot of garbage float by, which is why she considers herself a human water tester. If she gets sick during a swim, it’s usually because of polluted water. She jokes about the New York to New Jersey swim saying, “I was just glad there weren’t any bodies floating by. I figured they had concrete on them and they would sink to the bottom anyway.”

Tammy is credited with setting countless records. She’s also known for going the distance—literally. She has covered enough miles in her swimming career to circle the globe one and a half times.

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